IoT, AI and Analytics for Smart Urban Water Systems

The Advanced Data Analytics Platform for the Transformation (ADAPT) developed herein integrates quality assurance, quality control and Artificial Intelligence techniques to identify trends and relationships in water networks data. The importance of this information for fostering utility communications and business processes is demonstrated through a visualization dashboard built based on ADAPT. These tools will provide insights regarding constantly generated utility data streams, increase staff effectiveness, identify benchmarks for judging the quality of new data, and embody a foundation on which to evaluate urban water management decisions and set expectations for performance. They will reduce economic losses by improving asset efficiency, and by improving usability of data, assuring that investments in sensor networks are well spent. The integration and assimilation of data from ADAPT, and next generation telemetry, industrial and IoT, will support utility management needs such as in predicting sewer overflows, water supply flows and quality, and optimal sensor placement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Barbara Jean Lence


Eric Vaags


Global Quality Corp


Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia


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