Ipsos Reid-LISPOP Data Liberation Initiative

Ipsos Reid and WLU's Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy (LISPOP) have entered into a partnership by which the company will donate its raw data archive to Laurier, and LISPOP will undertake to catalogue that archive and make it available to secondary analysts through Scholar's Portal. As part of this project, Ipsos-Reid will work with two interns, each for four months, taken consecutively. The interns will liaise between the two partners, with the following objectives: (1) to learn about Ipsos Reid's organization and storage of archival materials; (2) to facilitate the recovery of difficult-to-locate materials from their storage facilities; (3) to learn more about the methodologies they employ; (4) to clarify coding and formatting practices that are not transparent in their documentation; (5) to sensitize the company to Laurier's needs as archivists and secondary analysts so that the data transfer process in future installments might be streamlines; and (6) to work with LISPOP research staff to process and analyse the files. Ipsos Reid will benefit through dissemination of its public affairs archive and through the access it will provide to potential employees.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Steven Brown


Michael Prociw


Ipsos Reid Public Affairs


Public administration


Finance, insurance and business


Wilfrid Laurier University



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