Isolating and characterizing lytic bacteriophages for applied use against pathogenic Escherichia coli for the poultry industry

The proposed project is to identify and characterize bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) that can reduce presence of E. coflbacteria that are an important cause of disease and production loss to the poultry industry. The reduction of levels of E. coli that can cause disease in poultry by use of bacteriophages would be an important means of controlling this economically important disease and also reduce use of antibiotics to control such infections. Reducing use of antibiotics is also importantas decreased use of antibiotics in livestock should limit increases in emergence antibiotic resistantE. coli and other bacteria associated with foodborne infections in humans. As the industrial partner, SyntBiolab Inc. will pursue the possibility of upscaled production and marketing of such a product, the isolation of such bacteriophages and development of an effective alternative to antibiotics would be a definite benefit to the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Charles Dozois


Kateryna Krylova


SyntBioLab Inc


Biochemistry / Molecular biology






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