Key standards, Industry Best Practices, Future Development for Cyber Security Strategy on BC Hydro’s Industrial Control Systems

Cyber security is fundamental to guarantee the reliable operation of the electric power systems. As the energy industry migrates to the digital space with information and communication technology (ICT), managing the electricity delivery is becoming complex and increasingly dependent on industrial control systems (ICS). The heavy reliance on ICT and the rapid penetration of ICS devices, however, have exposed the power systems to new cyber security challenges. In this project, we aim to investigate the key standards and industry best practices for BC Hydro to develop its cyber security strategy that can continuously improve its ability to detect and respond to cyber security threats to ICS. Based on the risk assessments and security requirements of BC Hydro’s ICS, we aim to provide customized solutions for BC Hydro to implement cyber security technologies and processes that comply with existing and future legal requirements to enhance the cyber resilience of its ICS.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lutz Lampe;Vincent Wong


Yanan Sun


British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of British Columbia



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