Keyword Search in Relational Databases for Business Users Year Two

Much of the world’s high-quality data remains under lock in relational databases. Access is gained through relational query languages. This can suffice for people who are well versed in both SQL and in the schemas of databases. However, anyone who does not know SQL or who is not well versed in the schema is effectively locked out. Keyword search over relational databases was proposed a decade ago to offer an alternative way to query a database. While the general approach has merit, many refinements are needed, before it can be an effective product. Our goal is to build a Google-like search experience over relational databases. Comparing to previous approaches, we build a system to return meaningful answers and is applicable on databases with large and complex schema. This project is beneficial to Dapasoft Inc. since it has the capability of being an independent product and/or be combined with existing products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nick Cercone


Mehdi Kargar


Dapasoft Inc.




Environmental industry


York University



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