KINARM Standard Tests’ Task Scores: towards a validated and effective tool for communicating to clinical communities KINARM measures of brain function

KINARM Labs™ provide robust and objective measures of brain function and dysfunction by the precise measurement of human behavior with robotics. Created by neuroscientists, KINARM Labs allow clinician-scientists to detect and quantify the sensory, motor and cognitive impact of a diverse range neurological impairments caused by stroke, cardiac arrest, TIA, mTBI, concussion, MS or Parkinson’s – all in a short <1h assessment. The MITACS intern will enhance the normative modelling of healthy performance of KINARM Standard Tests – a standardized assessment protocol for identification and quantification of neurological impairments. These contributions will be critical to ensuring that KINARM Labs become an essential tool in the management of patients with brain injuries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Doug Munoz


Ethan Heming


Boehringer Ingelheim


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Medical devices


Queen's University



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