Kinematics Modelling and Trajectory Design for Arm and Shoulder Physical Therapies Performed by Rehabilitation Robots

This project involves studying the kinematics of the human body during physical therapies on the arm and shoulder. With guidance and assistance from Glenrose Hospital, the intern will collect a library of typically prescribed motions of the shoulder and arm during physical therapy. He will then develop a mathematical model to represent the kinematics of the arm and shoulder as well as a parameter identification routine to identify the model parameters using simple moves and coordinate measurement techniques. He will use this kinematics model to design and express the trajectories that should be followed by the rehabilitation robot to deliver the desired motion. The results of this work will be later used to optimize the design of a rehabilitation robot.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Saeed Behzadipour


Siavash Rezazadeh


Glenrose Hospital




Medical devices


University of Alberta



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