Kitigay: Indigenous food systems research with Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, Manitoba

This research documents the social impact of an Indigenous food systems development and education program called Kitigay. Kitigay means to plant in Ojibway to describe planting food but also ideas and education. This proposed participatory research supports farm and wild rice paddy design, implementation, training, and food product marketing in the First Nation of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. This research explores how community-led Indigenous food systems education and projects can meet communities’ needs and priorities to foster Indigenous food sovereignty and self-determination. The study will also analyze the impact of the farm and capacity building on the Kitigay participants’ food security, educational outcomes and sustainable livelihoods. A baseline survey will initially provide a needs analysis to help put in place the required supports for students. Six-month and post-program longitudinal surveys will follow up this baseline to see the program’s medium and long-term impacts on participants. This study will be part of the national longitudinal study of at-risk youth in work-integrated social enterprises. Finally, the research will analyze farm and rice paddy designs and conduct field trials to ensure that the regenerative approach chosen is successful.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shirley Thompson


Tricia Desjarlias;Uche Nwankwo;Babajide David Oni;James Queskekapow;Uriel Jelin;Angela Dumas;Anna Neil;Brendan LaPierre;Chris Haney;Colin Pangman;Hayden Gilmour;Hevyn-Lee Martens;Jamie Bear;Jason Greyeyes;Jonathan Spence;Justice Kent;Kirstin Witwicki;Misbah Khaliq


Brokenhead Ojibway Nation


Resources and environmental management


Management of companies and enterprises


University of Manitoba



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