Knowledge mobilization: Local community engagement, sustainability and adaptive governance

Knowledge mobilization is a complex process aimed at generating and disseminating information and expertise. It relates to decision-making in a complex and uncertain environment and requires the development of multiple networks to integrate different institutions and steer their resources. Managing such dynamic social-ecological networks can be addressed as a matter of adaptive governance which integrates the processes of generating multi-level social learning and preserving community heritage. The research theoretical framework is based on the concepts of local knowledge mobilization and social learning. Ecomuseums can be considered as an integral part of community governance and a bridging organization that responds to local needs while mobilizing and disseminating community knowledge and contributing to sustainable development.
My aim is to focus on local knowledge mobilization and the role of ecomuseums in adaptive community governance. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Amber Fletcher


Anna Lozhkina


Friends of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum




Environmental industry




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