Knowledge Translation: Nursing Uptake and Patient Outcomes Examined

Best practice guidelines are vital resources in the provision of consistent and equitable cancer care by Registered Nurses. However, best practice guidelines are not readily used in cancer care and when they are available, this use is inconsistent. Previous research about the use and impact of practice guidelines has focused on the problems of professionals (mostly nurses and physicians) or the workplace itself. The purpose of this project is to use the expertise and knowledge of Registered Nurses while studying the interactions of the many different people involved in patient care (e.g. patients, family members, nurses and other members of the inter-professional care team) with each other and the workplace itself. These interactions influence and shape the everyday practices of healthcare. Greater understandings of these interactions leads to improved care and better outcomes for patients and their families.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mary Ellen Purkis


Lorelei Newton


BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Island Centre




Life sciences


University of Victoria



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