Lab-on-a-chip Nanosensor for Vitamin Detection

Vitamin deficiencies are one of the key reasons for infant deaths and a variety of diseases for adults including breast cancer, prostate and cervical cancer, rickets, schizophrenic depression, etc. An invention of a low-cost Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) microfluidic platform for the detection of Vitamin D and Vitamin A would be an answer for the potential multi-billion dollar market around the globe and represents one of the most desperately needed devices to enhance public health and prevent vitamin deficient related diseases. The proposed disposable environmental friendly device integrates microfluidics, photonics and micro‐electronics functionalities and could be used at point-of-care, in homes, schools and clinics. This LOC nanosensor that will be the first of its kind provides fast quantitative readings of Vitamin profile to the patients. Success of this collaboration will play an important role for the growth and recognition of Alberta as a centre of excellence and leader in nanotechnology based diagnostics. This new technology, developed collaboratively in Alberta could reshape the methods of diagnostic testing in a variety of clinical applications. Successful commercialization of these products will capture substantial share in this high growth market and as a result will provide long term benefits to Alberta’s economy and to its continued diversification.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sushanta K. Mitra


Dr. Tim Hossain


SciMed Technologies Inc.




Medical devices


University of Alberta



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