Landfill Odour Management Strategies

Golder Associates Inc. is the Technical Lead Consultant on the Environmental Assessment for the expansion of the W12A landfill of the City of London. One key aspect of this project is landfill design alternatives and the impact on air quality and, specifically, odour issues. The proposed project aims at providing critically valuable information regarding local air and odour monitoring at the W12A landfill site, regional air and odour monitoring in the South London area, as well as an assessment of the industry best practices not currently employed that may be applicable. Experimental and modelling work, combining data gathered with appropriate sampling and monitoring technologies, dispersion modelling and meteorological data will allow to better understand the air quality and odour issues surrounding the landfill and to recommend the most effective odour management strategies by either enhancing or implementing new operational activities or employing additional engineering controls and/or monitoring devices/programs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Franco Berruti


Roberta Lotito


Golder Associates


Engineering - chemical / biological


Professional, scientific and technical services


Western University


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