Lanthanide nanoparticle-based ink formulations for aerosol printing on miniaturized optical sensing platforms

The miniaturization of microelectronic, optical devices and sensors have pushed the development of smart and precise ways to fabricate these devices. Aerosol Jet microprinting is a great technology allowing to print very small features on these devices. In addition, it opens the possibilities to use functional inks that are optically activated and can act as temperature or molecular sensors. Joining the efforts of the HemmerLab at uOttawa with the research team at Optech, this proposal aims to develop functional ink formulations containing bright and multicolor luminescent lanthanide-doped nanoparticles (Ln-NPs) for microscale printing of sensors. Given their small size, these Ln-NPs can offer an excellent printing resolution at the microscale, while holding the capability to simultaneously act as optical probes in sensors. With this partnership, Optech greatly benefits by expanding its library of possible micron-scale optically active printed devices, offering additional sensor technologies to a wide sector of Canadian industries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eva Hemmer


Emille Martinazzo Rodrigues




Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Ottawa


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