Large-Area High-Performance Transparent Electrodes for Pen/Touch Sensor Research

Transparent electrodes (TEs) combine high optical transparency and electrical conductivity, useful in different devices such as light-emitting diodes, displays and solar cells. A highly competitive market of electronic devices, such as phones and flexible touch screens as well as a worldwide increasing demand for energy, drives research to improve the performance of TEs. However, mass production of high-performance TEs is expensive due to costly materials and fabrication techniques. The objective of this project is to develop a cost-effective technique for fabrication of high-performance large-area flexible TEs. The resulting TEs must be capable of being connected to other interfaces and electronics, and, in the case of use in a touch sensor, must be able to support high precision, touch object differentiation, and palm rejection. The primary goal is to create a technology for I2X Technologies that enables mass production of metre-scale advanced flexible touch screen devices in a cost-effective manner.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rustom Bhiladvala


Mahshid Sam


I2X Technologies Inc


Engineering - mechanical




University of Victoria



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