Large-scale Solar Farm Optimization for Ontario

Solar photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. As the technology has evolved it has become increasingly attractive to companies to invest in large solar farms. Solar energy is an inherently intermittent resource. For companies to invest millions (each 10MW solar PV farm represents an investment somewhere between $40 ‐ $45 million) in developing solar farms they must possess extremely reliable predictions of the energy output of the system. To make these predictions not only must the night/day and yearly cycles be taken into account, but also variations in cloud cover for specific locations. In addition, the rates of change affect the performance of the inverters that tie the solar electricity to the electrical grid. The objectives of this internship is to establish site specific meteorological data and initial modeling of the inverters for the design and development of 10MW solar farms in six locations in Ontario to enable Axio Power Canada Inc. to increase the amount of solar energy on the grid.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Joshua M. Pearce


Amir Nosrat and Ha Nguyen


Axio Power Canada Inc.




Alternative energy


Queen's University



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