Leading Transformational Multi-Jurisdictional Change: Managing Mental Health in the Community

Police organizations are facing increasing costs associated with an escalating number of calls to respond to persons with mental illness (PMI). The processes currently in place to manage mental health in the community contribute significantly to the costs associated with law enforcement involvement in PMIs. The existing process is driven by the Mental Health Act and requires a collaborative effort from police and healthcare services. The purpose of this project is to investigate the PMI process undertaken by the Peel Regional Police, make recommendations to the process using LEAN techniques and measure the costs and benefits associated with these changes after a one-year implementation period. Data collection will involve archival records and in-person interviews taken at three points in time (time zero, time one, one year after implementation). It is expected that Peel Police will benefit from this project by receiving a LEAN process for PMIs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Linda Duxbury


Michael Halinski


Peel Regional Police






Carleton University



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