Learning from extreme weather: Developing the capacity of social science researchers to conduct quick response research

Quick Response Research has long allowed social, behavioural and economic science researchers to collect and integrate valuable first-response data in time-sensitive environments. This type of research is conducted during or shortly after an extreme event and allows social science researchers to collect perishable data that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. While quick response research has been used as an approach for collecting data for decades, important gaps remain in educating and training researchers in this particular form of research. Despite the significant number of studies that have been conducted over the years, the field lacks a comprehensive repository of quick response research guidance. The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction at Western University in partnership with the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado is now looking to work with a Post-Doctoral Fellow to further develop the research guidance on Quick Response Research available to Canadian Social Science researchers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gordon McBean


Esther Elizabeth Lambert


Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Finance, insurance and business


Western University



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