LED Street Lamp Retrofit Project

The City of Hamilton has developed some basic costing and implementation models for a) the replacement (retrofitting) of existing street lighting with LED street lighting and b) incorporate LED street lighting in new construction. These models were created in conjunction with the LED technical evaluations and it was identified that there is justification and a need for a comprehensive business model – specifically for retrofitting existing street lighting. The intent of this project is to develop a new process for implementing LED street lighting to replace the existing High Power Sodium (HPS) lights throughout the city. The project also includes the creation of a business model that would assist in guiding the City of Hamilton in making future decisions related to the further adoption of LED street lighting. The development of a comprehensive business model would therefore form a great percentage of this assignment. In addition, a business model would provide a tool which the City of Hamilton would use to ensure that any future capital and operational investments are utilized as fiscally efficient as possible. The project will explore which suitable technology is currently readily available and which vendor would prove to be the best fit for the needs of the city. The project will be documented and presented so the city can make decisions based on the numbers provided for future implementation of the LED Street lamps.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert V. Fleisig


Allauddin Zia





Construction and infrastructure




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