Let’s Do This Together! Developing a Knowledge-based Documentary Media, Community of Practice and Institute at the University of New Brunswick

Academic institutions and funding agencies are increasingly asking their researchers to conduct more outreach activities, including knowledge-mobilization endeavours. However, researchers often lack training and/or resources to effectively communicate with non-academic audiences. Using the DOCTalks Guide: Cross-sector Collaborative Practices for Knowledge-based Documentary Media, we propose a DOCTalks Institute for Knowledge-based Documentary Media and an associated Community of Practice at the University of New Brunswick. This project will employ one PhD intern for 12 months to conduct primary research using face-to-face interviews and online surveys in order to a) Identify UNB??s policies and procedures to establish a DOCTalks Centre; b) Prepare and execute a strategic plan to operate and fund the DOCTalks Centre at UNB; and c) Promote the Centre to other UNB faculties and research services. To test the efficacy of the Centre, the intern will study the documentary media project referred to as “APPLIED CANNABIS” providing an ethnographic account of the social practices that emerge as participants engage with each other on a documentary film. This investigation will identify skills, resources, and funding opportunities that will help encourage other researchers to produce knowledge-based documentary media as part of a their knowledgemobilization activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul De Decker;Rob Moir


Stephany Peterson


Doctalk Inc




Information and cultural industries




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