Level the field: Sport and Disability Inclusion

Canadian Sport Policy states a desire to provide sport programs that are accessible and reflect the full diversity of Canadian society. However a recent evaluation of 61 sport organizations in British Columbia revealed that most organizations are ill-equipped to serve people with disabilities wishing to partake in their leisure and sport programs (with some individuals with specific types of disabilities and impairments having little to no opportunity to get involved). Additionally, people with disabilities are underrepresented in other roles within the sport system and face many barriers to getting involved as spectators/fans and volunteers or to pursue careers in sport (for example, working as coaches or sport administrators). This research will investigate what factors facilitate or impede individuals with impairments from engaging in sport in diverse roles. It is intended to inform practices and polices that lead to more accessible and equitable sport opportunities for British Columbians with disabilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrea Bundon


Erica Bennett


viaSport British Columbia Society




Management of companies and enterprises




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