Leveraging genomic information to better understand the biological effect of major genes on reproduction and health traits in dairy cattle

The main objective of the study is to increase the discovery of important reproduction and health genetic variants in dairy cattle. This could help improve reproduction and health of dairy herds through genomic selection or editing of the genome. In order to find the causative variants affecting reproduction and health traits, a review of the literature will be performed and new and cutting-edge genomic technology will be used. The transmission ratio distortion concept will allow the discovery of new regions affecting reproduction, while genome-wide association studies and functional analysis will allow the validation of these regions. Using these results, the partner organization could possibly produce genetic material that would allow dairy producers across Canada to be more efficient and to improve the reproduction and health of their dairy herds.

Faculty Supervisor:

Angela Canovas


Cindy Jaton


Semex Alliance


Animal science




University of Guelph



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