Leveraging lessons learned from the front lines to inform policy and practice in hospital and community healthcare settings in the context of COVID-19

Among the many significant effects of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), Vancouver General Hospital’s (VGH) Department of Psychiatry has observed the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of patients and providers. These circumstances have created unprecedented demand for decisive and rapid action to avert hospital admissions related to mental health, maximize efficiency within hospitals in the context of physical distancing requirements, and improve wrap around care in partnership with community-based psychiatrists and family physicians. The pandemic has also forced a swift adoption of telehealth technologies, transforming care provision to reduce person-to-person contact while continuing to support patients during this critical time.
The Mitacs intern will join our team of healthcare providers and researchers to conduct a series of virtual focus groups with psychiatrists and family physicians providing care in VGH outpatient settings during the pandemic. The intern will help analyze and compile the findings into a report submitted VGH’s department of Psychiatry and Vancouver Coastal Health Authority leadership, and prepared a publication for an academic journal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Surita Parashar


Toni Gore


Vancouver General Hospital




Health care and social assistance


Simon Fraser University



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