Leveraging Smart Growth via Ontario’s Climate Commitments

A strategic opportunity exists to integrate, strengthen and reform land use, transportation and municipal energy planning policies to address climate change goals in Ontario. The kinds of policies that reduce urban sprawl go hand in hand with climate policy, and vice versa. The project with the Pembina Institute, an organization committed to sustainable energy solutions, will analyze existing government initiatives and relevant government policies to determine opportunities for Green House Gas (GHG) reductions through policy modifications or additions. Based on those policies, this project will provide quantitative analysis of GHG reductions from changes to personal vehicle use due to changes in land use, transportation behaviour change, and vehicle emission standards in Ontario cities. The final report will present the research team’s findings and recommendation for implementation actions for the Climate Secretariat.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Christopher Kennedy


Robert Stupka


Pembina Institute




Alternative energy


University of Toronto



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