Li4Ti5O12/Hard Carbon Anode for Fast-Charging Batteries for Grid Applications

Fast-charging Li-ion batteries have great potential for electricity storage from renewables, frequency regulation, and peak shaving in large-scale grid applications. The Li-ion batteries must have a fast response, high rate performance, high power capability, and low cost to meet this increasing demand for grid applications. This project between Dr. Jian Liu’s group at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Tycor UPS will develop a hybrid Li4Ti5O12/hard carbon anode to enable Li-ion batteries fast-charging capability and low cost. The intern will develop a carbonization process for hard carbon from hemp, synthesize and optimize the Li4Ti5O12/hard carbon anode, and prototype pouch-cell Li-ion batteries using the designed hybrid anode. Tycor UPS will scale up the manufacturing of the fast-charging Li-ion batteries and integrate them into their grid-scale energy storage system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jian Liu


Hamidreza Saneifar


Tycor UPS






University of British Columbia Okanagan


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