Life Cycle Analysis of Kakwa Derived LNG for Power Generation and DistrictHeating in China

Natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels for heat and power generation. But in China, coal is still the dominant fuel
but burning coal has caused severe and damaging air pollutions. The partner organization of this project, Seven
Generations Energy Ltd., is a significant Canadian producer of natural gas. This project will comprehensively
assess the overall environmental performance of natural gas production (by Seven Generations) and exporting it
to China to replace coal. The expected results include an environmental dataset of the natural gas from its
extraction to end use and quantifying the benefit of replacing coal for district heating in China. The identified intern
is a current Master’s student working on similar analysis for biofuels. His skills and interest match well with this
project. And this project is initiated by the partner organization therefore they will get the study results to answer
the research questions they set.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaotao Bi


Yuhao Nie


Seven Generations Energy Ltd


Engineering - chemical / biological






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