Life cycle assessment (LCA) of Ontario Vehicle End-of-Life (VEOL) Processes

Life cycle assessment (leA) methods will be use to study end-of-life vehicle (ElV) dismantling and shredding processes, dismantling in particular, to identify and quantify the flows of EL Vs through these processes, as well as the El V parts and materials recovered for reuse, remanufacture and recycling. Understanding the eco-efficiencies associated with these activities, will:

1) allow the Ontario auto recycling industry to benchmark the environmental contributions Ontario dismantlers make in the overall vehicle end-of-life (VEOl) recycling process;

2) help the Ontario auto recycling industry, and Ontario government, to develop an appropriate and effective El V waste diversion program based on extended producer responsibility principles; and

3) facilitate potential opportunities for enhanced materials recovery for recycling, after ELV dismantling but prior to sending the ELV hulks for shredding, and hence stimulate increased economic returns to the EL V dismantling and shredding industry by generating more recyclable products and reducing the amount of material disposed of as shredder residue.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Edwin K.L. Tam


Susan Sawyer-Beaulieu


Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association


Engineering - civil


Automotive and transportation


University of Windsor



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