Life Cycle Assessment of Diesel Fuel Production from Woody Biomass in Nova Scotia

As concerns grow globally about resource scarcity and the impacts of climate change, there is greater need to develop alternative energy systems to support our economic activities. As new technologies are developed, there is also a need to fully understand their potential environmental benefits and impacts so we can make design improvements and so governments and consumers can make informed choices. CelluFuel Inc. is a Nova Scotia-based start-up company looking to produce biodiesel made from wood wastes from forestry activities as a substitute for diesel in heavy-duty vehicle transport. The objective of this research is to use life cycle assessment (LCA) to measure the potential environmental benefits and impacts of CelluFuel?s biodiesel product in order to identify design improvements and inform policy-makers and consume

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Tyedmers


Nathan Ayer


Cellufuel Inc


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Dalhousie University



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