Life-cycle cost analysis of compressed air energy storage systems

The proposed internship aims to study how the performance and the reliability of mechanical energy storage systems influence their life-cycle cost (LCC), including the acquisition cost, the maintenance, and the energy costs. First, the effect of the variation of the design parameters on the performance and acquisition cost of the product will be assessed. Second, the effect of materials and processes on the reliability and the LCC of product will be studied. Lastly, the energy cost associated with the operation of the product will be analyzed. The results will be presented to the Partner in form of a computer program. In developing such database, theoretical and technical aspects of manufacturing will be considered in close collaboration with the Partner. This computer program, coupled with the performance analysis models of the product, could be used in designing a product with an optimum LCC and required performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Benoit Boulet


Reza Lotfalian


Sigma Energy Storage


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


McGill University



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