Life Cycle & Economic Analysis of Bi-Fuel Cars

The proposed research project seeks to define the environmental advantages and cost challenges associated with the design of two types of alternative fuel vehicles; battery electric and bi-fuel CNG + gasoline, with respect to a changing American market. These alternative fuel vehicles will be compared to traditional internal combustion vehicles and assessed based on the environmental effects of the pollutants emitted and their capability to meet the current and future needs of consumers. This project is different from other LCA studies of this nature as it attempts to assess the trade-offs between market success of the consumer product and environmental impact. In addition, the design of current bi-fuel vehicles will attempt to be improved based on the results. The results of this research project will benefit Chrysler LLC by allowing the company to make informed decisions regarding the environmental impact of their vehicles and possible venues for future design consideration. The cost analysis done with this project will also allow Chrysler LLC to identify the most cost effective methods to reduce environmental impact.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edwin Kwan Lap Tam


Kyle Capitano


Chrysler Canada Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


University of Windsor



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