Light Weighting Structural Injection Molded Parts for the Automotive Industry

Light weighting in the automotive industry is ever becoming important. The overall objective of this research project with Axiom Group Inc. is to develop an innovative, cost-effective and industry-scale technology that can produce lightweight automotive products with good impact strengths. The project is aiming to achieve the cellular morphology to maximize weight reduction (20-30%) without sacrificing (or even while enhancing) impact properties of the product. This high-performance and more environmentally-friendly automotive product will be developed with zero ozone depletion potential blowing agents to further improve the sustainability of our environment. Various parameters such as material choices, filler/fiber contents, mold designs, processing conditions and others will be investigated in detail. The outcome of this project will offer Axiom a solution to produce lightweight structural injection molded automotive parts in its product lineup in response to the global trend.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick C Lee


Nello Sansone


Axiom Plastics Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


University of Toronto



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