Lightning Electromagnetic Field Macromodeling

Concerns regarding the quality of the electric power are becoming a crucial factor in modern power systems. Historically, most electric/electronic system equipment has been able to operate successfully when electric power was disturbed. However, the emerge of sensitive electronic equipment and devices which require highly-reliable electric power has created whole new areas of power quality consideration. It is well known that lightning, as a high energy phenomenon, is a source of severe disturbance. A typical lightning stroke releases such a high amount of energy that may affect sensitive electronic systems, resulting in their malfunction or even damage. The accurate calculation of lightning-induced effects on power networks is essential for the optimal choice of the characteristics, number, and installation location of protective devices. This research work focuses on developing novel mathematical algorithms for the accurate and efficient calculation of lightning-induced effects in power systems. The final outcome of this work has the potential of being added to PSCAD/EMTDC, a software package implemented by Manitoba HVDC Research Centre and used for power system computer simulation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Behzad Kordi


Sina Mashayekhi and Shekoofeh Saboktakinrizi


Manitoba Hydro






University of Manitoba



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