Limb sparing in dogs using patient-specific endoprostheses and cutting guides: design, manufacture and validation

Osteosarcoma at the wrist joint is the most common type of bone cancer in dogs. Each year over 10 000 dogs are affected. To date, several surgical techniques exist to treat patients suffering from this disease. Unfortunately, complication rates subsequent to surgery remain elevated.
We propose a workflow that allows the portion of the wrist affected by the tumor to be replaced with a 3D printed personalized limb. We anticipate that this treatment could (i) reduce the complications that are often observed with existing techniques and (ii) shorten the time span between the diagnosis and surgery.
To commercialize the proposed technology we anticipate the creation of a start-up company that would receive medical images of the limbs, design and 3D print the patient specific implant and ship it to the veterinary hospital. This project will be realized in close collaboration with our partner organization, Aligo innovation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vladimir Brailovski


Anatolie Timercan


Aligo Innovation


Engineering - mechanical





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