Live Line Maintenance and Inspection Robotics Manipulation

This research project aims at working closely with Manitoba Hydro, to examine existing techniques and further develop new tools that allow remote access to live transmission lines equipment that cannot be out of service. More specifically, we aim to employ robots to partially substitute for, and work cooperatively with, crew directed at service interruption free maintenance and inspection of live transmission lines. Such operations are often complex, hazardous and labor intensive. We further intend to understand the extent to which advanced robotics technologies can improve productivity and working conditions. The outcome of this project will offer Manitoba Hydro with a validated technology that, combined with traditional man-in-the-loop operation, will perform advanced control of a robot mounted on elevated platforms in order to enhance some of its inspections, maintenance and repair related tasks on equipment that cannot be out of service. The challenging nature of the project and the industry involvement will ensure that the research will lead to the discovery of new knowledge with industrial relevance and the training of qualified personnel whose expertise and skill sets will be used in Canadian industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Nariman Sepehri


Yaser Maddahi, Babak Hejrati, and Szabol Fodel


Manitoba Hydro






University of Manitoba



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