Local in situ Controlled Delivery of Biphosphonates in Bone Metastasis

We propose to develop in collaboration with Medtronic Canada a bioceramic drug delivery system for the local controlled release of Biphosphonates (BP) – drugs that prevent bone resorption – to promote both tumor inhibition and bone regeneration at the site of bone tumor resection, eliminating the need for high systemic doses and side effects associated with BP. To this end we will fabricate bioceramic bone grafts by 3D printing, a technique that not only allows us to personalised each implants according to the exact geometry and location of the bony defect but also to endow the implant with internal structure that can be used to store or control the release of bioactive agents. Interns will each participate in a detailed aims of the project, including laboratory work with and without cells. This work will ultimately lead to testing in standard bone-tumor animal models. This work using novel fabrication technique of bone graft fits with Medtronic’s orthobiologics and biosurgery for bone repair product lines and R&D interests. Close collaboration with a group of experts in biomaterials and clinical and pre-clinical research at the Montreal General Hospital for developing and pre-clinical testing of such a novel combination of drugs and bioceramic implants will bring added value to their core competency and bolster their knowledge in an area of great scientific and economic potential.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Jake Barralet & Micheal Weber


Jacob Lavigne, Zeeshan Sheikh & Maryse Fortin


Medtronic of Canada




Medical devices


McGill University



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