Long-term Monitoring Protocol and Analysis Template for American Eel (Anguilla rostrata)

In 2012, the American Eel were recommended by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada to be upgraded to Threatened from Special Concern. American Eel are important to Aboriginal people, and recreational and commercial fishers. Research from a four-year-study (2009-2012) occurring in a near pristine watershed, looked at habitat selection and population estimates of American Eel. Data from this study will be analyzed to provide a framework for commercial harvesting with regard to recommending a detailed sampling protocol for adult eels that is transferable to other impacted watersheds. This will provide a roadmap to long-term sampling of adult eel within multiple watersheds should this be warranted for commercial purposes. These sampling protocols and procedures should provide an efficient pathway to enable long-term monitoring of adult eel populations to help with conservation of this species and simultaneously allow commercial enterprises to continue.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Trevor Avery


Lydia Stevens


Atlantic Elver Fishery




Fisheries and wildlife


Acadia University



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