Low maintenance lawn with big climate footprint

Reduction in C release to atmosphere and sequestering in soil has shown strong potential to combat climate change and only possible source where city landscapes can sequester C in soil is mainly in the lawns. Researching on new varieties on lawn grasses to increase C sequestration has the potential to reduce grower’s resilience on high maintenance grass species with least C sequestration potential. Cangro Enterprise Inc. (CEI), an organic lawn care service provider from Ottawa region, takes an innovative and sustainable approach in lawn care and intends to introduce rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) as a new grass species. This research examines the C sequestration potential of RTF in compare to three other common lawn grass (fine fescue, Kentucky blue grass and regenerative perennial rye) when it is grown with and without organic booster solution. Understanding the C sequestration potential of RTF will allow growers to adopt right varieties of grasses and management practices suitable to produce a nice looking lawn while contributing to the cities’ commitment to combat climate change.

Faculty Supervisor:

Asim Biswas


Yakun Zhang


Cangro Enterprise Inc


Resources and environmental management


Environmental industry


McGill University



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