Low Power Design for Ambulatory Physiology Platform

Biopeak Corp, a medical device company, is developing a non-invasive, integrated, sensing platform that would allow people to be monitored for multiple parameters continuously day and night. This presents some major challenges in terms of wearable electronics that can survive several days of use, including size, power management, ease of use and comfort. All these issues require technological innovation. The research to be performed as part of this internship work will be to focus on one of the subsystems in this product. The research group will study and compare alternative approaches in implementing power management appropriate for small wearable biomedical devices. The goal will be to deliver a functional prototype by the end of the 4-month internship period. This effort will require new and innovative research work, and is highly relevant to the development work at Biopeak.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Adrian Chan


Emile Richard


Biopeak Corporation




Medical devices


Carleton University



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