Low Pressure Cold Spray Technology-based Repair Process for Damaged Automotive Aluminum Alloys Panels

Al6022 alloy has excellent physical and mechanical properties suitable for a number of applications. In particular, its high strength/weight ratio makes it an ideal metal for automotive applications, where weight reduction is of significant concern. Unfortunately, this alloy, as many
other Al-based alloys are susceptible to denting. At present, the repair possibilities for damaged Al6022 automotive panels are very limited, while their exposure to denting is unavoidable. The main objective of the project is to develop and apply the Low Pressure Cold Spray (LPCS)-based process for repair of dented Al6022 automotive panels. The proposed repair technology is highly efficient and completely compatible with automotive panel surface grinding/polishing and painting processes used in the industry. The project results have the potential to benefit the Canadian economy by offering a new aluminum body repair technology to the thousands of automotive body repair shops.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrzej Sobiesiak


Konstantin Borodianskiy


Tessonics Inc


Engineering - mechanical




University of Windsor



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