Low-shear, scalable microfluidic sorting of platelets and leukocytes for pooled platelet lysate

Extem supplies research grade mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and is looking to differentiate themselves by providing a proprietary human-derived growth media to replace the cow-derived fetal bovine serum (FBS) typically used. Pooled platelet lysate (PPL) may be a viable alternative. However, existing PPL methods lack quality control, standardization, and can result in up to 50% cell viability loss. Extem would like to develop a more economical solution that integrates beneficial quality control and standardization. By collaborating with Dr. Gray at Simon Fraser University (SFU), the team proposes to develop a scalable microfluidic solution with high-throughput and low cell loss. The development of such an isolation technology would allow Extem to remain leaders in the stem cell market and open up new markets such as the platelet rich plasma therapy market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bonnie Gray


Sean Romanuik


Extem Biosciences Corp




Medical devices




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