Low-Velocity Sprayed Mortar and Shotcrete: Equivalent Repair Methods?

There is an increasing level of confusion in the industry with regards to the proper identification, use and specification of Pneumatically Applied Concrete (PAC). Indeed, it appears that many job-sites may have, over the last few years, allowed the use of Low Velocity Sprayed Mortar (LVSM) in situations where it was not appropriate, and where shotcrete would have better met the technical requirements of the specifications. No technical documentation and information are available to demonstrate if LVSM is adequate for (structural) repair applications. A comparative study between LVSM and shotcrete will be conducted with the objectives to establish material properties differenoes between both process, evaluate L VSM bond onto a substrate and its capacity to encapsulate reinforcing bars. The experimentation and testing is achieved in the Shotcrete Laboratory in Universite Laval with equipment and material used in the industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marc Jolin


Christine Poulin


LZhang Consulting & Testing Ltd


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure



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