Lynx Population and Landscape Genetics in NW Boreal Landscapes

Our project will use genomics to help understand how climate change and land use are impacting the coupled population dynamics of Canada lynx and snowshoe hares in boreal forests. The lynx-hare cycle is a key process regulating biodiversity the boreal forest food webs, which are increasingly under threat from climate-driven increases in wildfire, insect pests, and disease. We are developing genomic tools to help resource managers understand differences in regional lynx population dynamics and identify movement corridors of habitat that can help connect these regional populations. Our tools will provide new genomic tools to inform resource managers responsible for harvest management, habitat management and endangered species management of lynx and other vertebrates.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jamie Gorrell;Jeannette Whitton


Evan Whitney Hersh


High-Country Wildlife




Professional, scientific and technical services




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