M.Sc. Master Thesis: The Dynamic of Incoterms Selection and Supply Chain Finance Performance

For a pharmaceutical company, it is important to source the finest raw materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) available at the best possible prices. With the advancement of globalization and the improvement of cross-broader trades, an increasing number of companies are reducing their acquisition costs of raw materials by sourcing globally. In order to stay competitive, Pharmaceutical companies should therefore effectively select the most appropriate Incoterms for each supplier based on origins/destinations consideration; while balancing its day-to-day operating cash flow exposure thereby improving its Supply Chain Finance performance. This research project attempts to present the link between the relevancy and importance of strategic Incoterms selection and Supply Chain Finance performance, two areas of international trades that are often overlooked and turns them into an extremely relevant topic for all Canadian manufacturers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andre Tchokogue


Stewart Soh


G Production Inc.




Automotive and transportation




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