Machine Learning Modeling for Autism Spectrum Disorder Handling and Treatment

The project is about developing a decision support tool to provide a personalized handling and treatment for Autistic Syndrome Disorder patients. This decision support tool will integrate machine learning modeling that will be used to suggest optimal and personalized guidelines for a very large spectrum of ASD patients, not available so far. Theses guidelines will be used by concerned parents, teachers and therapist that are in charge of these patients. The partner is a company that offer accompanying and training services to ASD patients’ parents and therapists. Consequently, the expected outcome of this research work will allow the partner to provide services  to ASD community not offered so far in any country, letting this company becoming a pioneer in this field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maïzi Yasmina


Cheng Zhu


Autismexc inc.




Medical devices


Université du Québec à Montréal



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