Machine-to-Machine Remote Asset Monitoring & Optimal Inspection and Repair Logistics

Cyber-physical systems or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications are more advanced than commercial IoT devices/applications mainly because of the prevalence of connected sensors and embedded systems in the industrial world. The objective of this project is to develop and package a low range, low power (LoRa Technology) remote asset monitoring and control system for “remote fixed utility” IIoT applications. Such developed system has the following advantages: 1) more cost effective than traditional wired approach; 2) immediate interpretation of data to actionable information; 3) risk reductions applying corrective control action. The common challenge is the extreme environments/remoteness of sites to be serviced. An IIoT-based maintenance solution supported by techniques of Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Failure Mode, Effects, and Analysis (FMEA), and optimal planning scheduling will be developed. Validation using three test cases will help generalize and commercialize the technology for a wide range of applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ahmed Azab


Mehmmood Abdullah


ONYX Engineering Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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