Machining effects on part integrity and life of aircraft materials

Design, manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace products are cornerstones of the economy and social development of Quebec and Canada. In 2009, more than 78 000 Canadian jobs were related to the aerospace industry from which 45 % are in Quebec. These high technology jobs contribute to the quality of life and the economic growth of our province and our country. To maintain and increase these valued jobs, it is necessary to develop Canadian technologies and know-how in this field. The goal of this research project is to contribute to the development of effective and reliable manufacturing methods leading to the weight reduction of aircraft without compromising their performance. The project will address improvement of machining processes and of the quality of machined aerospace components, including parts for gas turbines and landing gears. The research efforts involve a close examination of the manufacturing process and of the mechanical behavior of materials. Two main topics will be studied: 1) the modeling of the turning process and 2) the prediction of the material fatigue behavior. Ultimately, this will lead to the production of lighter, stronger and more reliable components, reducing the weight and the fuel consumption of aircrafts. Such developments, respectful of the environment, will increase the competiveness of the Canadian aerospace industries. The research team carrying this project will count on the expertise of engineers from two main aircraft component manufacturers, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Héroux Devtek. These two partners have a solid professional background and a well-recognized leadership that will guide the research efforts toward original and practical solutions. A multidisciplinary team of world-class academic researchers from four universities located in Montreal will lead the research efforts. Students working on this project will obtain essential technical and professional skills through direct training from the academic team members, but also from collaborations with the industry partners, making them ideal candidates to enter Canadian aerospace industries and strengthen Canada’s role as a leader in aerospace manufacturing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Victor Songmene, Myriam Brochu






Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


École de technologie supérieure



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