Magnetic gradiometry using a rotary-wing unmanned aircraft system

Balch Exploration Consulting Inc. (BECI) develops low cost geophysical survey solutions to the natural resources sector. BECI recently built an unmanned helicopter for magnetic surveying for mineral exploration. The objectives of this internship is to equip the BECI unmanned helicopter with a custom-designed frame carrying two magnetometers recording simultaneously and to perform a demonstration survey over a gold deposit. The main project deliverable is a series of maps highlighting the variations of the magnetic field in different directions. These maps will help geoscientists to identifying subtle geological trends associated with ore bodies in the subsurface. The intern will gain hands-on experience with UAS development, sensor integration, survey execution, and data processing. The internship will help BECI’s expansion into the aeromagnetic UAS surveying industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Claire Samson


Michael Cunningham


Balch Exploration Consulting Inc


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Natural resources




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