Magnetotelluric exploration at the Canoe Reach geothermal prospect

Geothermal energy extracts heat from the ground which can be used directly, or converted into electricity. In a geothermal power plant hot water is extracted from an underground reservoir with a borehole, and geophysics is used to locate these reservoirs. In the planned research, a geophysical method called magnetotellurics (MT) will be used to image the subsurface of a geothermal prospect at Canoe Reach in British Columbia. This method measures the electrical resistivity of the subsurface and can detect locations where hot water is present. In this project, the intern will work with the partner organization to collect MT data on a grid of points and then a computer program will be used to generate an image of the subsurface, in a similar way to the use of X-rays in medical imaging. The model will be interpreted using other geological data. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Martyn Unsworth


Benjamin Lee


Borealis Geopower Inc


Physics / Astronomy


Alternative energy




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