Maintenance Recommendation – Downtime Adaptive Learning

Time Series is a sequence of records and observations ordered in time. For instance, feedback from a sensor with timestamps can be considered a time series set. Studying Time Series can help with the predicting and understanding of a system and its behaviour. It can also be used to control the mechanism. In the past, data was expensive, and more challenging to process. Fortunately, today there are many sensors and servers which collect and report thousands of measurements. Internet of Things (IoT) produces large amounts of data. The current problem is to have an optimised system to leverage all this information.
The desired output of this internship is to design a system that can predict the failure of a device in a manufacturing line and suggest a maintenance action prior to the failure of each device. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Hannah Michalska


Farhad Rahbarnia


NexJ Systems Inc.




Information and communications technologies




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