Making Connections for Conservation: Restoring the Coastal Dune Ecosystem of Island View Beach and the Cordova Spit

This study seeks to work towards a restoration plan for one of the most significant coastal dune ecosystems ties remaining on Vancouver Island. The dune ecosystem at the Cordova Spit represents a unique and fragile environment that offers vital habitat to a number of plants and animals that are at-risk in BC, including several different groups and dozens of species of migratory birds. A large pt of the study site is located on the Tsawout First Nation reserve and is culturally significant to the community. During the internship, the student will complete work on an ecological site inventory, which will involve synthesizing a variety of file observations into a spatial model of human impacts as well as a year round avian census. He will also conduct a values assessment study through a series of interviews with Tsawout community members in order ot gain a greater understanding of the cultural and ecological significance of the site. This knowledge, in addition to images of the birds and plants which are found at the study site will be compiled and turned into a book which will serve as a resource for the Tsawout community. Recommendations for conservation and restoration, based on the information gathered during the internship, will be provided to a working group which includes members of the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Capital Regional District.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Eric Higgs


Glenn Bartley


Tsawout First Nation


Resources and environmental management


Environmental industry


University of Victoria



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