Management of ecosystem services of Haute Mauricie region in Quebec

Forest ecosystems are not only a source of timber, it also provides other societal benefits such as regulation of water quality, soil quality maintenance, climate regulation and pollination among many others. However, these services are not static and they change across time and space depending on the nature and extent of the changes in land use and land cover. This study in Mauricie region of Quebec will examine how ecosystem services has changed over the past decades, how they look like at present and what are the possible future scenarios. This study is expected to generate valuable information for sustainable management strategies that will enhance the resilience of forests in the Mauricie administrative region to future disturbances.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Christian Messier


Mahbubul Alam


Ville de LaTuque


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


Université du Québec en Outaouais



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